Vickers Viscount G-APIM

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PRESERVED AIRCRAFT: Vickers 806 Viscount G-APIM  / "Viscount Stephen Piercey"



BELOW: British Air Ferries (BAF) Vickers Viscount 'Viscount Stephen Piercey' Registration G-APIM on display at Brooklands Museum.

British Air Ferries was a small company operating from Southend Airport to destinations in France, etc.

This 806 Viscount aircraft is a production variant of the 802 Viscount which crashed in 1973 at Ben More near Crianlarich in Stirling, Scotland, and which is featured here.

vickers viscount G-APIM at Brooklands Museum


Photo: © 2008 James Towill


BELOW: Side view of Vickers Viking G-APIM showing port engines and front cabin door.


Interior view of passenger cabin at

BELOW: The Viscount tail assembly or empennage, and rear cabin door.


(In its specialized RAF livery, the aircraft in the background is Vickers Varsity T1 WF372. Before its 'retirement', this aircraft was assigned to the Royal Air Force Training Command.)

side view of viscount G-APIM showing port engines and front cabin door


Photo: © 2008 James Towill

the viscount tail assembly and rear cabin door


Photo: © 2008 James Towill

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BELOW: Close-up of nacelle (including cowls, etc.) housing the port outer Rolls-Royce engine.


BELOW: Close-up view of the Viscount's port engine and fuselage showing the 'factory-fresh' polished finish applied to this restored aircraft at Brooklands Museum.

close-up of nacelle housing port outer engine


Photo: © 2008 James Towill


Close-up view of outer port engine showing factory-fresh polished finish


Photo: © 2008 James Towill


BELOW: The Viscount's port inner engine nacelle and propeller.

viscount's port engine nacelle and propeller

Photo: © 2008 James Towill