P-47D Thunderbolt

Hartfield Farm, by Paisley













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: A Republic P-47D Thunderbolt fighter-bomber.


a Republic P-47D Thunderbolt fighter-bomber


Photo: 2006 'Kogo' (own work).


 Released by the author to the public domain under GNU Free Documentation License, 1.2 or later.






Aircraft Type and Background


USAF Republic P-47D Thunderbolt  /  42-75606


Aircraft Type Nickname: "the Jug"; sincebecause of its weight and solid buildit was considered to be something of a juggernaut.



The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was perhaps the heaviest single engine fighter-bomber of its day. It was equipped with a Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial engine of 43 - 46 litres capacity.


The Thunderbolt was equipped with .50 calibre machine guns, with four on each wing. It was also capable of carrying rockets or bombs.


The aircraft  was used as an escort fighter, a fighter-bomber, and a ground-attack fighter.



BELOW: Side view of P-47D-40 R-2800 Thunderbolt engine.


side view of P-47D thunderbolt engine


Photo: 2006 'Kogo' (own work).


 Released by the author to the public domain under GNU Free Documentation License, 1.2 or later.






Aircraft Accident Details                      


P-47D 42-75606 of 311 Ferry Sqn. took off from Renfrew at 1110 hrs on the 29th of December 1943 on at internal flight to Burtonwood.


At 1130 hrs the aircraft flew lower than the surrounding terrain in mist , crashed through 2 lines of trees at Hartfield Farm and into a field.

The pilot, 2nd Lt. Herman Carey, was killed. (Burial details below.)



[This information was kindly provided by Alan Leishman]






Aircraft Pilot Casualty


The pilot who died in this incident was:

  • 2nd Lt Herman Carey, USAF

2nd Lt. Herman Carey is buried at Lynhurst, Knoxville, Ten.






Crash Site Photos




BELOW: This memorial is located near the crash site, on the Gleniffer Braes.


memorial to the pilot on the Gleniffer Braes near Paisley


Photo: © 2013 Harry Blane



BELOW: The isolated P-47 engine after the crash into the trees at Hartfield Farm.


P-47 engine wreckage


Photo: © 2013 Alan Leishman



BELOW: An enlarged view of the above photo; the engine being partly camouflaged by the background and snow.


an enlarged view of the engine


Photo: © 2013 Alan Leishman























Crash Date / Site


Accident Date: 29 Dec 1943


Accident Site:

Hartfield Farm (field),

by Paisley.

(on the Gleniffer Braes, between Spateston and Glenburn)


Region: Renfrewshire


Nearest towns or villages:

Neilston (E), Barrhead (E), or Howwood (W)


Nearest large towns:

Paisley (NE), or Johnstone (N)


OS Grid Ref. N/A


GPS Ref. N/A


Present Condition: No known wreckage remains at the site (but see below for photo of engine wreckage).


 The only sign of the accident is the missing trees on the access road to Hartfield Farm. These were destroyed when the Thunderbolt ploughed into them.


A memorial to the pilot has been placed near the crash site (see photo below).




Aircraft Details


Registration or Serial: 42-75606


Operator:  USAF


Parent Sation: RAF Maghaberry (239). (Derelict)


Parent Station Location: Maghaberry, N. Ireland.



Operating (Departure) Station: RNAS Renfrew / HMS Sanderling


Departure Station Location: Renfrew near Glasgow.


Departure Station Status: Closed. Overbuilt with housing and motorway.



Destination Station: RAF / USAF Burtonwood (Aerial view)


Destination Station Location: Near Warrington, Cheshire, England.


Destination Station Status: Closed and derelict.




Principal airport data courtesy of John Woodside, A Catalogue of UK Airfields




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