Fairey Swordfish L9730

Tolmount, Glen Callater, Aberdeens.













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: A Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber similar to that featured here. Note the torpedo slung underneath.


Fairey Swordfish at UK Flying Display in 2002


Photo: 2002 Mr. Peter Noble. UK Flying Displays and Museums.


Courtesy, Wikipedia. GNU Free Documentation License.






Aircraft Type and Background


RN (FAA / NAS) Fairey Swordfish / L7930 (?)



(Torpedo bomber)


Aircraft Type Nickname: Stringbag or Blackfish.



Designed originally as a 3-seater reconnaissance aircraft, and equipped with a Bristol Pegasus nine cylinder radial engine, the Swordfish was converted later to a torpedo bomber.


By the time WWII arrived, this large bi-plane had become obsolete. Nevertheless, it was used with great effect against several targets during WWII, including attacks on Norway and against the German battleship, Bismarck.


Six Swordfish aircraft were involved in action against the German warships, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen. All, however, were shot down by covering German fighters.



BELOW: The cockpit of a Fairey Swordfish showing instruments and controls.


view of fairey swordfish cockpit instruments


Photo: 2008 'GJC1'.


Released by the author under Creative Commons License.






Aircraft Accident Details


The background to this incident is unknown.






Aircraft Crew Survivors


Crew details unknown.






Crash Site Photos    (Page 1-A)


BELOW: Pieces of wreckage from Fairey Firefly L7930 which is lying on the slopes of Tolmount, Glen Callater in Aberdeenshire.


Pieces of wreckage from Fairey Firefly L7930.


Photo: © 2014-2015 Gary Nelson



BELOW (nearest camera): Remains of a fuel tank.


Remains of a fuel tank.


Photo: © 2014-2015 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Waterfall adjacent to the wreck site.


Waterfall adjacent to the wreck site.


Photo: © 2014-2015 Gary Nelson




More wreckage photos from Gary Nelson's collection on


PAGES 1-B and 1-C





Other wreckage photos below




BELOW: Spars, struts and wing panels from RN Fairey Swordfish L7930.


The wreckage of this aircraft lies on the slopes of Tolmount, Glen Callater.


spars, struts and wing parts from the fairey swordfish at Tolmount, Glen Callater


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: More parts of the airframe from the Swordfish.


more parts of the airframe


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Another view of the skeletal remains from the Swordfish bi-plane.


another view of the skeletal airframe


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: A closer view of the main part of the airframe.


This view provides some idea of where the wreckage is lying on the slopes of Tolmount.


closer view of main airframe


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel




















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Crash Date / Site



Pages last updated: 7 Mar 2015



Accident Date: Unknown.


Accident Site:

Tolmount [map], Glen Callater


Nearest main road: A93.


Region: Aberdeenshire.


Nearest towns, villages, or outdoor activity centres:

Glenshee Ski Centre (W) or Braemar (NW).


Nearest large towns: Aberdeen (NE) or Dundee (SE).


OS Grid Ref. NO 20422 80112.


GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: Parts of the airframe may still remain at the crash site.




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: L7930 (Registration not finally confirmed.)

Operator: Royal Navy (FAA, 786 Squadron / No 1 Naval OTU  (torpedo bomber tg)).

Operating Station: RNAS Crail / HMS Jackdaw.
(Station photos here.)
(Map here

Station Location: Crail, Fife.


Current Station Status: Military

operations ceased. Now derelict.





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