S.A. Pioneer XL667/U

Kingussie Railway Station, Highland













Aircraft Photo / Aircraft Type Photo


Pre-Accident photo of Pioneer XL667—the aircraft featured on this page.



BELOW: RAF Scottish Aircraft Pioneer [Wikipedia]


raf scottish aviation pioneer trainer


Photo: Crown Copyright (expired)


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Aircraft Type and Background


RAF Scottish Aviation (Single) Pioneer CC.1  / XL667/U



(Click here for RAF history of this type)


Aircraft Type Designation: CC.1  (Light communication aircraft / STOL transport and trainer)



(The Pioneer was a single-engine aircraft as opposed to the Twin Pioneer, which was equipped with two engines.)


The Scottish Aviation Pioneer was a short take-off and landing (STOL) aircraft. It could carry four passengers, and was fitted with one 388kW (520hp) Alvis Leonides radial piston engine.


Its maximum speed was just over 260kmh (162mph), and had a range of about 670km (420 miles).


The (single) Pioneer was used by the RAF in areas where STOL capability was essential, or where uneven ground precluded the use of more conventional air transport. The Pioneer was used also by the RAF for training purposes.






Aircraft Accident Details


Scottish Aviation CC.1 Pioneer of 230 Squadron had departed from RAF Odiham in England and was on the last leg of its approach to an airstrip in Kingussie.


However, during the approach, the pilot encountered turbulence. The light aircraft then veered off course and crashed in a field close to Kingussie Railway Station.


The pilot and four passengers sustained injuries as a result of the crash landing, but there were no fatalities.


The damaged aircraft was struck off charge and later broken up.






Aircraft Pilot / Passenger Survivors


The pilot and four passengers survived this incident (with injuries). Unfortunately, their names are not known.






Crash Site Photo


BELOW: RAF Scottish Aviation (single) Pioneer XL667/U following the crash in a field near Kingussie Railway Station.


crashed raf sa pioneer near kingussie railway station


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel






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Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 12 May 1962


Accident Site:

Kingussie Railway Station (vicinity of) [map]


Nearest main road: A86 or A9.


Region: Highland (Inverness-shire)


Nearest town or village: Kingussie.


Nearest large towns or cities: Grantown on Spey (NE), Fort William (SW), or Inverness (N).


Crash site OS Grid Ref. N/A


Crash site GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: Wreckage recovered from crash site.



Other air crash site in this vicinity:


RAF Avro Lancaster PD259, Balavil Estate, Kingussie.





Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: XL667/U


Operator: RAF (230 Squadron)


Operating Station: RAF Odiham


Station Location: Odiham, North Hampshire, England.


Current Station Status: Operational Military Air Station (RAF)

(Front line support helicopter base working within the Joint Helicopter Command.)


Current Station Name: RAF Odiham





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