Miles Master AZ333

Tipperweir (Hill), Aberdeenshire













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: A Miles Master training aircraft.


A Miles Master training aircraft


Photo first published in Aircraft of the Fighting Powers Vol I. Ed: H J Cooper, O G Thetford and D A. Russell Harborough Publishing Co, Leicester, England 1940. (Copyright expired)






Aircraft Type and Background


RAF Miles M.9A Master II  / AZ333





The Miles M.9 Master was a two-seat trainer built for use by the RAF and the RN (Fleet Air Arm).


Different engine types were used, and this was reflected in the aircraft's variant number. The M.9A variant featured here was fitted with a Rolls-Royce Kestrel XXX engine—a variant engine of that used by the Hawker Audax.


When Rolls-Royce ceased production of the Kestrel engine, later versions of the Miles Masters used Bristol Mercury XX or Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp engines.


The Miles Master was a highly manoeuvrable aircraft, and could be used for aerobatics.






Aircraft Accident Details


Since this was a training aircraft from No.2 Flying Instructors School, which had two pilots on board, it is assumed that the Miles Master was on a training exercise when it crashed at Tipperweir. However, the details of the accident are not known.


Although posted missing on the date of the crash (24 November 1943) the aircraft was not found until almost 8 months later, on 11 July 1944. Only at this point were the bodies recovered from the crash site for burial.






Aircraft Pilot Casualties (One Pilot under training)


Both pilots on board this aircraft died in this accident. They were:


  • F/O Robert Henry James Fernandes, 124160, Navigator, RAFVR.
    (Buried, Section 2, Class C, Grave 20, Montrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Angus.)



  • Flt Sgt Brydon Albert Burton (21), 42178, Pilot, RNZAF.
    (Buried, Section 2, Class C, Grave 13, Montrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Angus.)



(Please click on the hyperlinked names above for further details at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's website.)






Crash Site Photos



NOTE: Most of the wreckage from this Miles Master has been gathered together and placed in the same area.




BELOW: This pile of wreckage lies further away from the isolated conifer.


pile of wreckage lying distant from isolated conifer.


Photo: © 2014 Jerry Drury



BELOW: These larger wreckage sections lie close to the conifer.


larger wreckage close to conifer.


Photo: © 2014 Jerry Drury



BELOW: This isolated conifer on Tipperweir marks the general area where the wreckage can be found.


isolated conifer marking site of wreckage.


Photo: © 2014 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Fragmented sections from the Miles Master's airframe.


more fragmented wreckage.


Photo: © 2014 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Remains of a flying boot. [Identified by Jerry Drury]


unidentified part.


Photo: © 2014 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Possibly, section of fuel tank from Miles Master AZ333.


section of fuel tank.


Photo: © 2014 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Underside of an electrical panel. Components include transformers, resistors, and inductors.


electrical panel with components.


Photo: © 2014 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Parts of the airframe. The yellow paint indicates that this was a training aircraft.


parts of airframe.


Photo: © 2014 Neil Daniel










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Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 24 Nov 1943


Accident Site:

Tipperweir (hill)

[map (zoom to view detail)]


Nearest road: B974.


Region: Aberdeenshire


Nearest town or village:

Bridge of Dye

[map. Zoom on map to reduce or increase area covered]

(Glen Dye).


From Banchory, via B974 South to Bridge of Dye, or from A90 then North on B974 to Bridge of Dye


Nearest large towns:

Stonehaven (E) or Brechin (S)


OS Grid Ref. N/A


GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: Some small pieces of wreckage still remain at the crash site.





Other air crash sites in this vicinity:


1) RAF Hawker Audax  at  Hill of Edendocher.



2) RAF Miles Master T8684 at Hill of Edendocher.



3) USAF F-100 N.A. Super Sabre 55-2817 at Peter Hill.



4) RAF Airspeed AS10 Oxford at Meluncart.





Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: AZ333


Operator: RAF (No 2 FIS (Flying Instructors School), Montrose)


Operating Station: RAF Montrose


Station Location: Montrose, Angus, Scotland.


Current Station Status: Military Airport closed . Now, an RAF Heritage Centre.


Current Station Name: Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre





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