C-60A Lodestar 42-56014

Beinn Nuis, Brodick, Isle of Arran












Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: A Lockheed Lodestar at the National Museum of United States Air Force [Wikipedia]


lockheed c-60 lodestar aircraft


Photo: 2007 Greg Hume


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BELOW: A Lockheed C-60A Lodestar in flight.


lodestar c-60a aircraft in flight


Photo: Source unknown






Aircraft Type and Background


USAAF Lockheed C-60A Lodestar / 42-56014



Aircraft Type Designation: Model 18 C-60A-5-LO (Military transport; troop / paratroop carrier.)



The model 18 Lodestar was developed by Lockheed from their model 14 Super Electra civil passenger transport aircraft.


During the build up of aircraft for use in WWII, the USAAF made use of these civilian Electras. These former civilian aircraft were given the military type designation C-56. These aircraft were equipped with either the Wright Cyclone or the Pratt and Whitney series of engines.


However, aircraft that were being newly built for the USAAF were designated as type C-60. These types were equipped with Wright R-1820-87 engines. Variants, such as the C-60A, could be equipped with Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp engines.


(Lockheed C-60s supplied to the RAF were known as Lodestar II.)


Depending on the variant, the Lodestar carried a crew of 3, and had sufficient capacity for 18 passengers.


The Lodestar had a maximum speed of 428 km/h (266 mph) at 5,230m (17,150ft), and a range of  4,025 km (2,500 miles). Being a transport only aircraft, the Lodestar was unarmed.






Aircraft Accident Details


There are conflicting reports concerning whether this aircraft was travelling to or from Prestwick. Some reports state that the aircraft was travelling south-east from Keflavik (Iceland) via Stornoway to Prestwick. This was the recognised air ferry route between the USA and the UK.


The majority of reports, however, state that the C-60A Lodestar had departed from Prestwick and was flying north-west toward Stornoway. Failing to clear the high ground over the Isle of Arran, the aircraft crashed at Beinn Nuis shortly after takeoff from Prestwick (RAF Ayr / Heathfield).


The remaining wreckage lies in a high gulley at Beinn Nuis, and could prove difficult to access.






Aircraft Crew / Passenger Casualties


All seven people on board died in this accident (five crew and two military personnel travelling as passengers).



  • 1st Lt John R MacKenzie, Pilot, USAAF.
    Cambridge American Cemetery.)

  • 2nd Lt Richard H Riddle, Co-Pilot, USAAF.
    (Buried, Cambridge American Cemetery.)

  • Staff Sgt John G Johnson, Engineer, USAAF.

  • Pvt (1st Class) Bernard T Boone, Engineer, USAAF.

  • Pvt William Silberg, Rad./Op., USAAF.



Travelling as Passengers:


[Burial information kindly provided by Alan Leishman]






Crash Site Photos


BELOW: Sections of wreckage from USAAF Lockheed Lodestar 42-56014.


This military transport aircraft crashed on the slopes of Beinn Nuis, Isle of Arran in 1943.


wreckage sections from the lockheed lodestar transport aircraft


Photo: ©  2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: More wreckage from the Lockheed Lodestar lying in a high gulley at Beinn Nuis.


NOTE: Two other aircraft crashed at Beinn Nuis: A USAAF Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, and a USAAF Consolidated B-24D Liberator. Yet more aircraft crashed not far from Beinn Nuis.


more wreckage from the usaaf lodestar crash at beinn nuis, arran


Photo: ©  2013 Neil Daniel






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Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 30 Sep 1943


Accident Site:

Beinn Nuis (792m / 2,598ft)


Nearest road: A841 or B880.


Region: North Ayrshire (Isle of Arran)


Nearest town or village:



Nearest larger town:
Brodick (SE)


OS Grid Ref. N/A


GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: Some small parts remain onsite.



Air crash sites in this vicinity:


1) USAAF Lockheed C-60A Lodestar 42-56014, Beinn Nuis.
(The aircraft on this page.)


2) USAAF Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 42-97286, Beinn Nuis.


3) USAAF Consolidated B-24D Liberator 42-41030, Beinn Nuis.


4) RAF Consolidated LB-30 Liberator AMAM261, Mullach Buidhe.


5) RAF Avro 652A Anson N4939, Mullach Buidhe.


6) RAF Avro 652A Anson DJ472, Caisteal Abhail.


7) RAF Bristol 152 Beaufort L4479, Goat Fell.



(Other air crash sites exist further afield on the Isle of Arran.)





Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: 42-56014


Operator: USAAF (1403rd BU)


Departure Airfield: RAF Ayr (Heathfield) / Prestwick Airport, Scotland.


Destination Airfield (Intended): RAF Stornoway, Western Isles, Scotland.




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