Hawker Hurricane N2522

Meggrim's Knowe, Northumberland













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: Hawker Hurricane Mark IV KZ321 (The Fighter Collection)


hawker hurricane mk IV KZ321 - the Fighter Collection


Photo: 2005 'Kogo' (own work). Released by the author to the public domain under GNU Free Documentation License





Aircraft Type and Background


RAF Hawker Hurricane Mk I / N2522



Aircraft Type Nickname: "Hurry"; "Flying Tin Openers"; "Flying Can Openers" (later versions).



A military single-seat interceptor / fighter / bomber flown by the Royal Air Force. The Hurricane was designed by Sydney Camm and built mainly by Hawker Aircraft Ltd.


The Hawker Hurricane was equipped with 1 Rolls Royce liquid-cooled Merlin III 12-cylinder power plant. Later versions had Merlin XX, XXI or XXII power plants.



BELOW: A Rolls-Royce Merlin engine similar to the type used in the Hurricane featured here, and used also in Spitfire and other aircraft. (Click for larger image.)


a rolls-royce merlin engine similar to the type used in the hurricane and other aircraft


Photo: 2006. Released to the public domain under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2



The Hurricane fighter-bomber was armed with eight .303 inch Browning machine guns mounted on the wings. The Mark IV version also carried 2 x 250lb or 500lb bombs or fragmentation bombs. Some Hurricane Mark IVs were equipped with rocket projectiles,100m).






Aircraft Accident Details


Hawker Hurricane N2522 had taken off from RAF Usworth and was exercising over the Cheviot Hills. However, while circling Hartside Hill, the aircraft banked steeply to the right, was caught by a down-draught, stalled, and crashed at Meggrim's Knowe, not far from the hamlet of Linhope.


A number of years later, some small pieces of wreckage were discovered buried in moorland approximately midway between Alnhammoor Farm and Linhope.


(See chapter 4 of this ebook for more details.)






Aircraft Pilot Casualty


The pilot who lost his life in this accident was:


  • P/O Martin Walter Rivers (24), Pilot, RAFVR.
    (Cemetery: Panel 7, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (West Road) Crematorium, Northumberland, England.)


Please click on the hyperlinked name above for further details at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's website.






Crash Site Photos


BELOW (small object at centre of photo): The Memorial to the pilot who lost his life when his Hurricane crashed at Meggrim's Knowe.


The Memorial and a pile of stones interspersed with miniature crosses and poppies are enclosed within a small rectangular fence.


Meggrim's Knowe


Photo: © 2014-2015 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Same location viewed from further back: The Memorial site is indicated by the black arrow and the yellow circle.


Approximate crash site and memorial circled in yellow.


Photo: © 2014-2015 Gary Nelson



(Close-up view of Memorial at Twitter.)














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Crash Date / Site


Country: England


national flag of England



Accident Date: 25 Apr 1941


Accident Site:

Meggrim's Knowe
(Breamish Valley)


Region: Northumberland


Nearest town, village or hamlet: Linhope or Ingram


Nearest large town:

Wooler (N)


OS Grid Ref: NT96870


GPS Ref. N/A


Wreckage Status (2014): No known wreckage remaining on the surface. Memorial in the vicinity of the crash area.




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial:  N2522


Operator:  RAF (55 Operational Training Unit (55 OTU))


Operating Station: RAF Usworth. (Satellite station, RAF Ouston).


Station Location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England.


Current Station Status:

Became civil aiport, then Nissan car factory (both now closed). North East Land, Sea and Air Museums (NEAM) located opposite former airfield.




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