Hawker Hind K6819

Bishop Hill, Lomond Hills, Kinross













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: Hawker Hind, Shuttleworth, 2004.


a hawker hind aircraft at the shuttleworth collection


Photo: 2007 Paul Maritz (Paulmaz)


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BELOW: Hawker Hind (Afgan) shown above at Shuttleworth Airshow in 2010.


Note the underwing bombs.


hawker hind at shuttleworth airshow


Photo: 2010 Airwolfhound from Hertfordshire, UK.


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Aircraft Type and Background


RAuxAF Hawker Hind  /  K6819



(RAuxAF:  Royal Auxiliary Air Force)


Aircraft Type Designation: (General purpose day bomber (light))



The Hawker Hind was developed from the Hawker Hart aircraft. The Hind was intended only as an interim bomber until Bristol Blenheims and Fairey Battles became available to the RAF.


The Hind two-seat light bomber was fitted with a 477.25kW (640hp) Rolls-Royce Kestrel V engine. It was capable of flying at 296kmh (184mph) at just over 4,877m (16,000ft). The Hind had a range of 692km (430 miles), and a service ceiling of just above 7,925m (26,000ft).


Its armaments consisted of a Vickers gun forward, and a Lewis gun aft. It could carry 226.8kg (500lbs) of bombs under the wings.


(Some of the above specifications may have differed according to the aircraft variant and to the availability of parts.)


The type was phased out of front-line RAF squadrons by mid 1939, but it continued in service with the RAuxAF until later that year.


The Hawker Hind featured on this page was attached to 603 (City of Edinburgh) (Fighter) Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF) Squadron.






Aircraft Accident Details


RAuxAF Hawker Hind K6819 was being flown across the Lomond Hills during conditions of heavy mist.


While en route, however, the aircraft crashed on the slopes of Bishop Hill, in what is now Perth and Kinross.






Aircraft Pilot Casualty


The pilot who died in this accident was:


P/O Ingram Edward Pease (24), B.A., RAFVR.
(Buried, St. Oswald's Church graveyard, Newton under Roseberry.)



(Please click on the hyperlinked name above for further details of this family at Wikipedia.)



Ingram Edward Pease was granted a commission to Pilot Officer on 11 January 1939.
[The London Gazette, 31 January 1939]



P/O Ingram Edward Pease at the Peerage.






Crash Site Photos


BELOW: An angle bracket from Hawker Hind K6819.


angle bracket from the hawker hind airframe


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Close-up of remaining wreckage section.


A manufacturer's stamp is just visible on the rear casting.


close-up or remaining part


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel







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Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 18 Feb 1939


Accident Site:

Bishop Hill [map], Lomond Hills.


Nearest main road: A911.


Region: Perth and Kinross
(near Fife boundary).


Nearest towns or villages:

Leslie [map] (SE) or Kinross [map] (SW).


Nearest large town:

Glenrothes [map] (SE)


Crash site OS Grid Ref. N/A


Crash site GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: Small pieces may remain in gulley W of Bishop Hill.




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: K6819


Operator: RAuxAF

(Royal Auxiliary Air Force)

(603 (City of Edinburgh) (Fighter) Squadron.)


(During WWII, this and other RAuxAF squadrons were converted temporarily to regular RAF status.)


Operating Station: RAF Turnhouse.


Station Location: Turnhouse, Edinburgh.


Current Station Status:

Military operations ceased.

Now, operational civil airport.


Current Airport Name: Edinburgh Airport.




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