F4U-1D Corsair JT461

Enegars Corrie, Hoy, Orkney













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: A Vought-Sikorsky F4U-1D Corsair of the RN Fleet Air Arm on display at the 2008 'Flying Legends' show in Duxford, UK


a corsair fg-1d in flight


Photo : 2008 'Rror'. Released by the author to the public domain under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licensing arrangement.





Aircraft Type and Background


RNAS Chance Vought-Sikorsky F4U-1D Corsair Mk II /JT461


The Vought F4U Corsair was designed by Sikorsky and Beisel for use as a US carrier fighter. First types were equipped with a 2000hp Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp engine, and could achieve speeds in excess of 400mph.


Initially rejected by the US Navy, the Corsair was accepted into service by the US Marine Corps (USMC).


In 1943, Britain accepted the Corsair into service for use as a carrier-borne fighter with the Fleet Air Arm (FAA). It was found to be a highly manoeuvrable fighter, capable of out-turning most other contemporary aircraft.


Among other types, Corsairs were used to attack the German battleship, DKM Tirpitz during 'Operation Mascot'.





Aircraft Accident Details


At the time of the accident, the aircraft had been flying from RNAS Hatson close to Kirkwall on Orkney to the aircraft-carrier, HMS Formidable. However, shortly after take-off, contact was lost with the aircraft which failed to arrive at its destination. The causes of this aircraft crash are unknown.


The wrecked aircraft was located eventually near Enegars Corrie, North of the Cuilags on the Isle of Hoy.





Aircraft Pilot Casualty


The pilot who died in this accident was:

Memorial photograph at Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery.



BELOW: This headstone marks the grave of the Corsair pilot, acting Sub/Lt Edward de Aulton Hewetson (23) (RNZVR) at Lyness Royal Naval Cemetery, Isle of Hoy, Orkney.


(Plot H. North Border. Grave 6)


grave of the corsair pilot, acting sub lt Hewetson, and lyness royal naval cemetery


Photo: © 2008 Stephen Spink






Crash Site Photos


BELOW: Various wreckage parts from the Vought Corsair.


various wreckage parts from the vought corsair


Photo: © 2008 Stephen Spink



BELOW: Part of a remaining wing section from Chance Vought Corsair JT461 which crashed near Enegars Corrie, on Hoy, Orkney Islands, in 1944.


remaining wing wreckage from vought corsair crash at enegars corrie hoy


Photo: © 2008 Stephen Spink



BELOW: An isolated section of wreckage from the Corsair.


an isolated section of wreckage from the corsair


Photo: © 2008 Stephen Spink



BELOW: A larger section of wreckage from the Vought Corsair.


a larger wreckage section


Photo: © 2008 Stephen Spink



BELOW: An overview of the area. The crash site is near the centre of the picture.


overview of crash site - centre - from distance


Photo: © 2008 Stephen Spink





Photo Gallery


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Crash Date / Site


Accident Date: 11 Jul 1944


Accident Site:

Enegars Corrie (350m)

(NW side of Cuilags)


Region: Orkney Isles (Hoy)


Nearest town or village:

Murra or Linksness


Nearest large town:

None on Hoy. Nearest by ferry to Stromness (N) or Kirkwall (E) on Orkney mainland.


OS Grid Ref. N/A


GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: Most of this aircraft was removed from the crash site, although some wing parts and other debris remain onsite.




Aircraft Details


Registration or Serial: JT461 (Coded 7C)


Operator: RNAS (1841; Naval Air Squadron)


Operating Base: RNAS Hatson (X6HT). Also base for RN; HMS Sparrowhawk.


Base Location: Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland.


Current Airport Status: Closed 1957. Some parts still remain. Road intersects site, part of which has now been converted for industrial use.



Principal airport data courtesy of John Woodside, A Catalogue of UK Airfields




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