Bristol F.2b  B8942

East Fortune, East Lothian.













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: Bristol F.2B D-8096 (The Shuttleworth Trust) [Wikipedia]


a bristol f2b biplane on display at the shuttleworth collection


Photo: 2006  Kogo


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BELOW: A Bristol F.2 Fighter at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. [Wikipedia]


Note the bomb racks beneath each lower wing.


bristol f2 fighter at the imperial war museum


Photo: 2007 Robin Stevens via Ian Dunster


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Aircraft Type and Background


RFC, RAF Bristol F.2b / B8942



Aircraft Type Designation: F.2b (Fighter).


Aircraft Type Nickname: Brisfit or Biff.



The Bristol F.2b two-seater biplane was designed in 1916 for the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) / Royal Air Force for operations during the First World War and beyond. The F.2b entered active service on the Western Front in 1917.


The Bristol F.2b fighter was equipped with a liquid-cooled V.12 Rolls-Royce Falcon engine (photo). Its maximum speed was 123mph (198kph), and a maximum altitude of 21,500ft (6,533m).


The F.2b was armed with three machine guns, and it carried 260lb (109kg) of bombs under the wings.



BELOW: Rolls-Royce Falcon aero engine on display at the Shuttleworth Collection. [Wikipedia.]


rolls royce falcon engine as used in bristol f.2b


Photo: 2012 Nimbus 227


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Aircraft Accident Details


Bristol F.2b B8942 took off from RAF East Fortune for a bombing sortie against the German High Seas Fleet. However, during takeoff, the aircraft stalled and descended sideways to the ground.


As the F.2b struck the ground, an underwing bomb exploded—killing both airmen.






Aircraft Crew Casualties


Both airmen died in this incident. They were:

  • Lt Lynn Newton Bissell (19), Royal Air Force, 201st Training Depot Station.
    (Buried, Grave 45, Athelstaneford Parish Churchyard, East Lothian. Canadian archives here.)
  • Lt Eric Wensley Bragg (22), Royal Flying Corps, 201st Training Depot Station.
    (Buried, Grave 45, Athelstaneford Parish Churchyard, East Lothian.)


Please click on the hyperlinked names above for further details at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's website.)






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Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 31 Oct 1918.


Accident Site:

East Fortune [map]


Nearest roads: B1347 or B1377.


Region: East Lothian.


Nearest towns or villages: East Linton (SE) [map] or Haddington (SW) [map]


Nearest large town: North Berwick (N) [map]


Athelstaneford Cemetery: On W side of National Museum of Flight buildings.

(Athestaneford Cemetery link contains information on descendants of Lieutenants L N Bissell and E W Bragg.)


Crash site OS Grid Ref. N/A


Crash site GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: No known remains.




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: B8942

Operator: Royal Flying Corps / Royal Air Force (RFC / RAF).

Operating Station: RAF East Fortune.

Station Location: East Fortune, East Lothian.

Current Station Status: Military operations ceased. Now houses National Museum of Flight buildings and exhibits.



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