Boeing B-29A  44-62276

Succoth Glen, Corrow, Argyll



PAGE 2:  Memorial Photos


memorial showing wreath and tribute plaque placed here by Craig Carmyle's widow in January 2009

LEFT: The B-29 memorial at Succoth Glen showing the wreath and plaque placed here in January 2009 on behalf of  1/Lt Craig C. Carmyle's widow.




YouTube video of crash site






BELOW: A close-up of the tribute plaque to Sheldon ('Shel') C. Carmyle placed at this location on behalf of his wife (age 87).

close-up of tribute plaque to 1/lt sheldon carmyle

YouTube video of memorial, tribute plaque and debris field

Above videos and photos: © 2009 Steve White

RIGHT: The monument dedicated to the memory of those US personnel who died in this tragic accident while returning home to the USA.


This view looks toward Beinn Tharsuinn, where the aircraft struck the summit before crashing at the site marked by the memorial cairn.

memorial cairn at crash site to us airmen 
Photo: © 2008 James Towill 

BELOW: Another view of the memorial cairn.
This photo was taken in January 2010

Another view of memorial cairn

Photo:  © 2010 David Pickering

The plaque attached to the cairn

ABOVE: The plaque attached to the cairn, bearing the names of those who died. (See further down this page for enlarged version of this plaque.)

Photo:  © 2010 David Pickering

personal memorial to Paul A Knight
Photo: © 2008 James Towill

another view of personal memorial - this time with photo attached 


Photo:  © 2010 David Pickering 


ABOVE: The inscription on this personal memorial reads:

Placed here by
John A Knight
Paul's youngest Brother
Sept. 2005


ABOVE: Attached to this small plaque is a photograph of Paul A Knight, together with an inscription in his memory.

This plaque was placed here in 2005 by John A. Knight, Paul's youngest brother (see details on left). However, it is not known when the photo was added. 




RIGHT: A closer view of the memorial cairn and plaque at the B-29 crash site in Succoth Glen.

b-29 memorial cairn and plaque at crash site in succoth glen 
Photo: © 2007 Dougie Martindale
close-up of memorial plaque 

Photo: © 2007 Dougie Martindale

LEFT: Close-up view of memorial plaque attached to cairn.

(See enlargements below for full list of names.)

BELOW: The names of those who lost their lives in this accident. The caption below the list of names reads:

Erected by 2296 Sqdn (.....?) Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum

enlarged view of memorial plaque 
Photo: © 2008 James Towill 



BELOW: Enlarged view of memorial plaque's left column:

close-up view of plaque -  left hand panel 
Photo: © 2008 James Towill  



BELOW: Enlarged view of memorial plaque's right column: 

close-up of memorial plaque - right hand panel 
Photo: © 2008 James Towill   




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