Boeing 747-121 N739PA

Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway




Aircraft Photo


NOTE: These pages are for remembrance purposes only. They do not discuss those responsible for causing this air disaster.



Additional memorial-related photos taken at Dryfesdale Cemetery (especially of the memorial service) would be very welcome. This applies also to other memorial-related photos or links elsewhere in Lockerbie, or in other places in the UK or overseas. If you can help, please contact me here.



BELOW: A Pan Am Boeing 747 similar to the type featured on this page. Photographed at Zurich Airport, Switzerland.


a pan am  boeing 747 similar to the type featured on this page


Photo: 1985 Eduard Marmet.


Released by the author to the public domain under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.



BELOW: The Garden of Remembrance at Dryfesdale Cemetery just outside the town of Lockerbie. (See also Dryfesdale Lodge Visitors' Centre)


The names of all those who died in this incident are commemorated on the memorial plaque in this Garden. (See below and also on Pages 2 - 4 for additional photos.)


the garden of remembrance at lockerbie


Photo: [n/d] Ian Britton /


Released by the author under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution - Non- Commercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 Licensing arrangement.






Aircraft Type and Background


Pan Am Boeing 747-121 / N739PA


Aircraft Name: Clipper Maid of the Seas 


Still in use today, the Boeing 747 type is a wide-bodied four-engine passenger jet, designed in the 1960's and first flown commercially in the 1970's. It is a double-deck aircraft, with the upper deck intended originally as a first-class lounge for business passengers, etc.


Depending on the variant, the B747 could be equipped with Pratt and Whitney, Rolls-Royce, or General Electric turbofans. The aircraft featured on these pages was fitted with four Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7A turbofan engines.


The variant featured here was a 747-121, registered N739PA. Pan Am had ordered 25 of this type in 1966 for its short- and long-haul fleet. The aircraft on these pages was delivered to Pan Am in 1970 and operated on long-haul routes. At the time of its loss, this aircraft was enroute from London Heathrow to New York.






Aircraft Incident Details


Pan Am Flight 103


The Boeing 747 had arrived at London Heathrow from San Francisco, and was scheduled to fly to New York. A number of passengers for Flight 103 had arrived at Heathrow on a feeder flight from Frankfurt in Germany. Their baggage was then transferred onto the Pan Am Boeing bound for New York.


The flight path for this route took the aircraft over southern Scotland. While the Boeing was flying at 31,000ft, Shanwick Oceanic Control transmitted the aircraft's oceanic clearance but this transmission was not acknowledged. Almost simultaneously, controllers observed the aircraft's image on the radar screen dividing into multiple smaller images which were fanning downward from the Boeing's last location.


While flying at 31,000ft, the aircraft experienced an explosive decompression followed immediately by a catastrophic failure of the airframe. This caused the 747 to crash to the ground over a very wide area. This area included the small town of Lockerbie, where large sections of the wings and the aircraft's engines landed. The fuel-laden wing sections ignited on impact as they hit a row of houses in Sherwood Crescent, Lockerbie. The resulting fireball and blast damage destroyed the houses in this area.



BELOW: The crater left by the Boeing 747 as a wing section from the aircraft plunged into a row of houses in the Sherwood area of Lockerbie.


the aftermath of the crash on sherwood crescent lockerbie


 Photo: 1988 Original source unknown.



The cockpit / fight deck section landed in the countryside E of Lockerbie.


No-one survived this catastrophic explosion of the aircraft. Later, forensic investigators discovered that this incident had been caused by a bomb or other improvised explosive device concealed in a radio within a suitcase.


This suitcase had been transferred from the feeder flight from Frankfurt and had been loaded aboard the 747 airliner earlier while at Heathrow Stand K14, SE of Terminal 3. The Boeing 727 feeder flight from Frankfurt was parked at Stand K16, next to the Pan Am aircraft.



BELOW: The town of Lockerbie where the tragic loss of Pan Am Flight 103 occurred.


259 people (passengers and crew), and a further 11 people on the ground, died when the aircraft struck part of Lockerbie. All the town's residents who died had lived in the same streetSherwood Crescent.


the town of lockerbie where the tragic loss of pan am flight 103 occurred


Photo: [n/d] Author unknown / © 2110 American RadioWorks.






Aircraft Crew and Ground Casualties


Tragically, 270 people lost their lives in this horrific incident243 passengers, 16 crew, and 11 people on the ground. Their ages ranged from 2 months to 82 years, and 21 nations were represented. (See plaque on Page 2)


The pages for this aircraft commemorate the loss of these lives by showing the location of some of the memorials and the names of those who died.



Among the 270 people who died in this incident were:


Flight Crew:

  • Captain James Bruce MacQuarrie (55), Kensington, New Hampshire, USA.

  • First Officer (co-pilot) Raymond Ronald Wagner (52), Pennington, New Jersey, USA.

  • Flight Engineer Jerry Don Avritt (46), Westminster, California, USA.



  • Mary Geraldine Murphy (51),Twickenham, Middlesex, UK.

  • Milutin Velimirovich (35), Hounslow, Middlesex, UK (US citizen).


Flight Attendants:

  • Elisabeth Nichole Avoyne (44), Croissy-sur-Seine, France.

  • Noelle Lydie Berti (41), Paris, France.

  • Siv Ulla Engstrom (51), Windsor, Berkshire, UK, (Swedish).

  • Stacie Denise Franklin (20), San Diego, California, USA.

  • Paul Isaac Garret (41), Napa, California, USA.

  • Elke Etha Kuhne (43), Hannover, Federal Republic of Germany (BRD).

  • Maria Nieves Larracoechea (39), Madrid, Spain.

  • Lilibeth Tobila Macalolooy (27), Kelsterbach, Federal Republic of Germany (BRD), (Filipino).

  • Jocelyn Reina (26), Isleworth, UK, (American).

  • Myra Josephine Royal (30), Hanwell, West Ealing, UK, (Dominican Republic).

  • Irja Syhnove Skabo (38), Oslo, Norway, (Finnish) .


Victims from Lockerbie 

  • Joanne Flannigan (10) 16 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Kathleen Mary Doolan or Flannigan (41) 16 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Thomas Brown Flannigan (44) 16 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Dora Henrietta Moffat or Henry (56) 13 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Maurice Peter Henry (63) 13 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Mary Browell or Lancaster 11 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Jean Aitken Murray 14 Sherwood Crescent.

  • John Somerville 15 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Lynsey Anne Somerville (10) 15 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Paul Somerville (13) 15 Sherwood Crescent.

  • Rosaleen Leiter Hanney or Somerville (40) 15 Sherwood Crescent.


(For full list of all victims, please see Pages 2 - 4.)


In addition to the above, five Lockerbie residents suffered injuries; 2 serious (but non-fatal) and 3 of a minor nature.



BELOW: The memorial In the Garden of Remembrance at Lockerbie.


the memorial commemorating those who died in this tragic incident


Photo: [n/d] Original source unknown.






Crash Site Photo


BELOW: Police and Investigators from the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) examine the cockpit wreckage from Pan Am Flight 103 which was brought down over Lockerbie in Scotland.


cockpit wreckage from pan am flight 103 lying at lockerbie


Photo: ©1988 AP





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Crash Date / Site



Incident Date: 21 Dec 1988


Incident Site:


(Town and surrounding countryside E of Lockerbie).


Region: Dumfries and Galloway


Nearest town or village:

Lockerbie [town map].


Nearest large town:

Dumfries (SW)


OS Grid Ref: N/A


GPS Ref: N/A


Lat. 55° 07' N


Lon. 003° 21' W


Present Condition: The wreckage of this aircraft has been removed from the site. Several memorials to the those who lost their lives in this disaster can be seen in Lockerbie and elsewhere (See photos and links below)




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: N739PA


Operator: Pan Am (Pan American World Airways Inc.)


Operating Hub: John F Kennedy International Airport, New York.


Hub Location: New York, NY, USA.


(Additional hubs at San Francisco, Frankfurt and other International Airports.)


Current Airport Status:

Operational Civil Airport


Current Airport Name: John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport. (JFK / KJFK)






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