Bristol Beaufort L4479

Goat Fell, Isle of Arran, N. Ayrshire












Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: A Bristol Beaufort torpedo bomber in flight.


a bristol beaufort torpedo bomber in flight


Photo: Source unknown.






Aircraft Type and Background


RAF Bristol 152 Beaufort  Mk I / L4479


A twin-engine large reconnaissance, torpedo bomber and mine-laying aircraft, the Beaufort's design was based on the Bristol Blenheim light bomber. For a time, they used two Taurus 14-cylinder radial engines (or, sometimes, Pratt and Witney Twin Wasps). The aircraft could travel at about 260 mph (418 km/h), but the speed fell when carrying a torpedo. Carrying a crew of four, the Beaufort operated as the standard torpedo bomber between 1940 and 1943.


Bristol Beauforts were used by both the RAF (Coastal Command) and the Fleet Air Arm. They were used also by the SAAF and the RAAF; and, indeed, many Beaufort's were manufactured in Australia for use in the Pacific arena. 






Aircraft Accident Details


The exact details of this accident are unknown. The crew had taken off from RAF Turnberry on 30 August 1942 on a night navigation exercise (NAVEX). The Beaufort was flying in poor visibility when it crashed into Goat Fell, the highest peak on the Isle of Arran.





Aircraft Crew Casualties


Those who died in this accident were:





Crash Site Photo


BELOW: Part of a propeller blade, hub and reduction gear assembly from one of the two engines on this Bristol Beaufort aircraft.


propeller hub and reduction gear from beaufort's engine.


Photo: © 2014 Michael Watson



















Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 30 Aug 1942


Accident Site:

Goat Fell (874m)


Region: North Ayrshire (Isle of Arran)


Nearest towns or villages:

Brodick, Corrie or Sannox


Nearest large town:

Brodick (S)


OS Grid Ref. N/A


GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: Apart from a long spar and some small fragments, little wreckage from this bomber remains on site.



Other air crashes in this vicinity:


(1) RAF Consolidated LB-30A (B-24) Liberator / AM261 at Mullach Buidhe.


(2) RAF 652A Avro Anson Mk I / N4939 at Mullach Buidhe.


(3) RAF 652A Avro Anson Mk I / DJ472 at Caisteal Abhail.


(4) USAAF Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress / 42-97286 at Beinn Nuis.


(5) USAAF Consolidated B-24D Liberator / 42-41030 at Beinn Nuis.




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: L4479


Operator: RAF (No. 5 (Coastal) OTU / No. 17 Group)


Operating Base: RAF Turnberry (X6TU)


Base Location: Turnberry near Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland.


Current Airport Status: Closed 1945. Re-opened 1960. Part of former site used occasionally by microlights. In 1946, the remainder of this site had reverted to its pre-war owners—Turnberry Golf Club (Ailsa Course).






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