Auster W'kmaster G-APMJ

Dungeon Hill, Dumfries and Galloway













Aircraft Photo / Aircraft Type Photo


Pre Accident Photo of G-APMJ—the aircraft featured on this page.



BELOW: Another Auster J/1U Workmaster. This one was photographed at Shobdon aerodrome, Herefordshire.


a typical auster workmaster light aircraft


Photo:1987 RuthAS


Released by the author to the public domain.


 This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.






Aircraft Type and Background


Auster J/1U Workmaster  /  G-APMJ



General Aviation (Civil)


(Earlier variants were used during WWII for military purposes.)



A militarized variant of the 3-seater Auster Workmaster was used quite extensively by the RAF and also by the British Army. The latter used them for Air Observation Post (AOP) duties. Just under 800 Austers were employed by the RAF and army during WWII. At this time, the aircraft was known as the British Taylorcraft Auster—changing its name to Auster Aircraft Ltd. in 1946.



The civil version of the Auster J/1U light aircraft dated from the 1950's. This version was built for crop spraying and other similar tasks.


Later, more powerful variants were fitted with a single Avco Lycoming engine. The aircraft had a maximum speed of just over 100mph (167km/h) and a range of 225 miles (362km).


The aircraft featured here was not a crop sprayer, but was being used for general aviation purposes under the ownership of Cumberland Aviation Services based at Carlisle Airport.







Aircraft Accident Details


The pilot was on a flight from Crosby on Eden, England to Campbeltown (Machrihanish) Airport, Scotland. However en route he lost his way, due in part to deteriorating weather conditions, with strong winds and low cloud.


Although the aircraft was attempting to gain height just before the crash, the pilot was unable to get the Auster to climb. Rather, it descended until it crashed into a hillock between Dungeon Hill and Craignairny, Rhinns of Kells in Dumfries and Galloway.






Aircraft Crew / Passenger Casualties


Both occupants of this aircraft died in the crash. These were:

  • C. Brook.
  • J. Graham.


[Names kindly provided by Alan Leishman of Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum.]






Crash Site Photos


BELOW: The general area of the crash site (foreground).


The general area of the crash site.


Photo: © 2015 Gary Nelson



BELOW: The remains of one of the Auster's mainwheels.


The remains of one of the Auster's mainwheels.


Photo: © 2015 Gary Nelson



BELOW: One of the rusty parts found in this boggy area.


One of the rusty parts found in this boggy area.


Photo: © 2015 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Small pieces of aluminium below the water.


Small pieces of aluminium below the water.


Photo: © 2015 Gary Nelson




More photos from Gary Nelson's collection on


Pages 1-B, 1-C and 1-D





Original Crash Photos Below









BELOW: Parts of the engine and fuselage / wing wreckage from the Auster J/1U Workmaster that crashed between Dungeon Hill and Craignairny in 1963.


parts of the engine and fuselage / wing wreckage


Photo: © 1963-2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: The upended tail section of Auster Workmaster G-APMJ. The castoring tailwheel is just visible on the underside.


Members of RAF Leuchars Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) beside the aircraft.


upended tail section of Auster


Photo: © 1963-2013 Neil Daniel


(Neil Daniel was with the RAF MRT that was called out to this incident in 1963.)



BELOW: Another view of the mangled airframe showing tailplane assembly and landing gear tyre, etc.


The aircraft's registration (G-APMJ) is just visible on the tail fin.


another view of the mangled airframe showing tailplane assembly


Photo: © 1963-2013 Neil Daniel


RAF Mountain Rescue Team casualty recovery photo.










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Crash Date / Site



Pages last updated: 18 Sep 2015


(Three more pages of photos.)



Accident Date: 18 Oct 1963


Accident Site:

Dungeon Hill / Craignairny [map]


Nearest main roads:

A712, A713, or A714.


Region: Dumfries and Galloway.


Nearest towns or villages:

New Galloway (SE) [map] or Newton Stewart (S) [map].


Nearest large town:

Girvan (W) [map].


OS Grid Ref. N/A


GPS Ref. N/A


Present Condition: Wreckage status unknown.




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: G-APMJ


Operator: Cumberland Aviation Services, Carlisle Airport. (Now, Eddie Stobart / Stobart Air.)


Departure Airport: Crosby on Eden.


Airport Location: Crosby on Eden, Carlisle, England.


Current Airport Status:

Operational Private Airport.


Current Airport Name: Carlisle Airport (Stobart Air)

(Strictly PPR (Prior Permission [to land] Requirements).



Destination Airport: Campbeltown (Machrihanish) Airport.

Airport Location: Machrihanish, Campbeltown, Mull of Kintyre.

Current Airport Status: Operational Civil, MoD, and General Aviation Airport.

Current Airport Name: Campbeltown (Machrihanish) Airport.




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