Hawker Audax K7376

Hill of Edendocher, Aberdeenshire













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: A Hawker Audax bi-plane.


A Hawker Audax bi-plane


Photo: [author unknown.]
 Adel Hafez with his Hawker Audax (Hart variant)


Public domain. Copyright expired.






Aircraft Type and Background


RAF Hawker Audax / K7376





Based largely on the Hawker Hart, which it resembled, the Hawker Audax  was produced between 1931 and 1937. The aircraft was intended as a trainer / observation aircraft / light bomber.


The Audax was equipped with a Rolls-Royce Kestrel 1B engine, and had a maximum speed of 170mph. For armaments, it was equipped with two .303 machine guns--one forward and one aft. I could also carry four 20lb bombs.


The Audax saw service with the RAF and also with the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm), and was used by the RAF in countries such as India and Africa.






Aircraft Accident Details


At the moment, no details on the cause of this incident are available. However, the Audax was on a training flight from No.8 FTS Montrose when it crashed at Hill of Edendocher near Glen Dye [map] in Aberdeenshire.






Aircraft Crew Survivors


Both crew members survived. These were:


P/O J D Lenahan


F/O R E Atkinson






Crash Site Photos (Page 1-A)


(The following photos were kindly contributed by Neil Daniel.)



BELOW: Approaching the Hawker Audax wreckage on Hill of Endendocher.


approaching hawker audax wreckage on hill of edendocher


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Getting closer to the airframe wreckage.


The Land Rover track just visible in the distance at the left-hand edge of the photo passes close to this crash site.


closer view of airframe wreckage


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Close view of airframe remains.


close view of airframe


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Supporting spars and bracing struts from the Hawker Audax biplane.


supporting spars and bracing struts from the Audax bi-plane


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Another view of the bracing struts and spars.


A fuel tank lies in the foreground.


another view of bracing struts and spars


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Part of the triangular-bracing forming the airframe.


part of the triangular-braced airframe


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel






And on Page 1-B









(The following photos were kindly contributed by Gary Nelson.)



BELOW: The airframe of Hawker Audax K7376.


airframe from hawker audax biplane


Photo: © 2013 Gary Nelson



BELOW:  Another view of the tubular steel airframe.


another view of the tubular steel airframe


Photo: © 2013 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Remains of a fuel tank.


remains of a fuel tank


Photo: © 2013 Gary Nelson



BELOW: A more general view of the wreckage.


a more general view of the wreckage


Photo: © 2013 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Aluminium panel, with holes to reduce weight.


aluminium panel with holes to reduce weight


Photo: © 2013 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Another view of the bi-plane's unusual airframe.


another view of the bi-planes unusual airframe


Photo: © 2013 Gary Nelson




More (larger) photos on Page 1-B







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Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 5 May 1939


Accident Site:

Hill of Edendocher (577m)


Region: Aberdeenshire


Nearest town or village:

Bridge of Dye

[map. Zoom in on map for more detail]

(Glen Dye).


From Banchory, via B974 South to Bridge of Dye, or from A90 then North on B974 to Bridge of Dye


Nearest large town:

Stonehaven (E) or Brechin (S)


OS Grid Ref. N/A


GPS Ref: N/A


Present Condition: Some airframe sections still remain at the crash site.



Other air crash sites in this vicinity:


1) RAF Miles Master T8684 crash at Hill of Edendocher (by Cairn of Finglenny), in 1941. (Miles Master wreckage lies about 1km from Hawker Audax wreckage.)

2) RAF Airspeed AS10 Oxford crash at Meluncart.

3) RAF Hawker Audax K7473 crash at Cairn o' Mount, Aberdeenshire, in 1940.
(Beside the B974 road.)



Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: K7376


Operator: RAF (No 8 Flying Training School, Montrose)


Operating Station: RAF Montrose


Station Location: Montrose, Angus, Scotland.


Current Station Status: Military Airport closed . Now, an RAF Heritage Centre.


Current Station Name: Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre




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